Friday, 7 July 2017


Hi it is Angus with a another blog post and today I'm going to talk about timbernook  and the whole school came if they brought their notes back and. Then we went on the bus and  I sited  next to hunter we talk and I think me and hunter was the quietus   on the bus and then we. Got there and we went over some. Rolls and it was being   nice to nacher. Then we got to play we starit bidding a  hunt and we don't know how to but then we start to build good hunt's and then Dilin started to wreck it when it was lunch jesse had kfc because he won the vely award then we was finding  Dilin because we went to find his hunt to wreck  his wreck it . Then we went to his hunt and we wrecked his hunt and then we moved hunt to Zon and Tru hunt but Tur ditched as. Then we got more people for your group then I went to wood. Work and in the wood   box there was a big spider but there was 3 the caretaker got a piece of wood  and killed them. He told me not to tle kim but I did and.Then I went back to the hunt and I stole.Their  staff and I saw smoke and it was people cooking packs but I wasn't aloud it because it had egg and milk and then we won the hunt .Wars and then   we went back to school and then we played at school for a wee bit and that was my recant and one more thing aol teacher is leaving  blog you latter!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

cat rap

Hi guys me and Dani has been working on a poem. The poem was hard because me and Dani was trying to get it in bet  so we did a screencastify and I  have it  down below I hope you like it. we were doing it because it will help us with  our learning. blog you later !!!!

Friday, 30 June 2017


Hi guys, me and dani have been working on this animation and writing.  
I tried really hard to to do paragraph.  
So please comment and write want I should work on bye blog you later !!!!!


It was a bright day so Jefry wanted to take has plane for a spin in the air.  Jefry had ,brown, hair with glasses,a blue t-shirt, brown pants, silver shoes, and yellow skin. He had a black plane and the plane had red letters “jeffrey's plane” on the side. It was a jet plane.

The plane went down. “Aaaaaahhhh we are going down,” Jefry yelled.  The plane crashed and the wing was on fire and the engine when the plane hit the ground
he said “ my head hurts” so he walks in the desert to find help.  

He walked and walked. The he saw what was a magical cactus and the magical cactus said in a low voice “Where do you want to go? Home?” but the cactus took him to the wrong house. So he said “ I hate that cactus!” and went into the forest. Jeffery felt so angry and scared because he saw a bear the bear said “sup”. Jefry said “I am hungry and then the bear said “there is a farm and it has chickens”. So Jeffery went to the farm and he found a chicken to eat.

Then he went into the desert and found a magic dog. He said  “do you want to go home?”. Jeffery  said ‘yes” “How do you know?” “because I have been watching you”. So then Jeffery got taken home.  

“Finally I am home”, Jeffery said. So Jeffery went inside and then the dog came to his house. The dog said can I live with you? he said yes! Then the dog fixed his plane.THE END

Thursday, 29 June 2017


Hi me and my group hes being work on a plane slade I hope you like it please comment what you think I should work on Blog you latter!!

Monday, 26 June 2017

board game

my board game is bast on the three little pigs blog you later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!